2021 is coming to a close… 

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!  

We would like to thank you for your partnerships and tremendous prayerful and financial support this past year. Thanks to you, Firestarters Ministries was able to participate and plan many events designed to draw men and women closer to God. We would like to share with you everything that you helped us accomplish this year:  



We were invited to participate in a Men’s Event with Matt Lever from Prodigal Ministries, a non-profit recovery ministry based in Evans, Georgia.  Their mission is to “inspire and free people bound in addiction through daily, personal interaction.” Prodigal Ministries is doing great things in the lives of these men, and we were blessed to have the opportunity to minister with them for the weekend. 3 men gave their lives to Christ!   


We held a Wild at Heart Bootcamp in Maggie Valley, North Carolina in February 2021. The goal of this weekend was to set men on a four-day quest into the recovery of a man’s masculine soul – his passions and true nature – given to him by God. This weekend was full of reconnection and powerful testimonies from men who found themselves again. And what a time of worship we had!


We held a Firestarters Men’s Retreat in Ocoee Tennessee at the Ocoee Retreat Center. The theme this weekend was “From Ashes to Flames” and was based on the Wild at Heart message. We saw many fires ignite in the hearts of these men. We were excited to have Cory Nickols as one of our speakers. We took the men on an exciting rappelling and Cave exploring adventure! 



Partnering with Freedom Ministries, from Augusta, Georgia, we held a Wild at Heart boot camp for the men at the New Beginnings in Christ rehab center in Garfield, GA. What a powerful weekend it was and the ’fall-out’ from it continues! 3 men gave their lives to Christ, numerous men were baptized, and many received new names!  Now the men who were there from the program are partnering with us to reach more men and put on their own retreats! Wild at Heart ministries in Colorado Springs, CO reached out to us to tell the story of what God’s doing in these men in their November newsletter!



On Halloween weekend, we partnered once again with Freedom Ministries to put together a Boot Camp for the men in the NBIC rehabilitation program. This weekend was led, in part, by men from our previous weekend including one man who roamed the streets as a Satanist who now is leading others into the Light! Thank you, Lord!! Kirk Kinson with Freedom Ministries is continually visiting and discipling these men on a regular basis. 


Firestarters Ministries wants to do more, impact more, and has a heart for marriages.  We see them failing all around us, so we‘ve committed to fight for them.  We held a couples retreat in Ellijay, Georgia, where we discipled 4 couples who also have a heart for marriages. Our goal with these discipleships is to send others who share our heart out to fight for the marriages we see breaking on a daily basis.  


Feast & Fire 

We held several Feast and Fire Events in 2021. These were outdoor events, held in public, open to anyone who was interested. We partnered with multiple ministries to hold outreaches during the day, including Freedom Ministries, Mended Life worship band, etc. In these outreaches we would pray for members of the community, feed them dinner, and hold worship services. Feast and Fire events were held in Augusta, Eatonton, and Blueridge, Georgia.


We are Looking Forward to 2022! 

In 2022, our goal is continue expanding the kingdom of God and lead people to ChristWe have a heart for evangelism and progress; we want to wake up the Church! We have traveled a lot this past year and plan to do so more. We want to get more info out, wake the church, and grow more partnerships.

  • We plan to hold more men’s weekends than we ever have before. We are working with Freedom Ministries to plan 1 men’s weekend every 2 months in 2022 for the men in the rehabilitation program. We will also hold open registration FS men’s weekends once every quarter for anyone who wants to join us! (www.wearefirestarters.com/retreats/ 
  • Our first ever ladies’ weekend is in the works for April 2022, with more details to come soon! 
  • We plan to hold 2 marriage retreats this year! One will be held in Ellijay, Georgia in November 2022, and we will have more details on the other coming soon! 
  • More Feast and Fire outreach events are also in the works.  Since we feed the community, these end up being events that require the most of our resources.
  • And finally last but certainly not least, we are working on a “Fan the Flame” Conference that would be held in Atlanta, Georgia. We will be partnering with Cory Nickols ministry and have some exciting musical talent in mind for this event! 


Help us do more! 


We appreciate your support! Without you, we could not reach the hearts of men and women. It is with your prayerful and financial support that we are able to do God’s work for His kingdom! 


Paypal: https://paypal.me/givetoFSM 

Venmo: @wearefirestarters  


Are you in need of Prayer? 

We would love the opportunity to pray for you! Simply go to our website, and fill out our prayer request form! 



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For More Information:  

To learn more about what we have coming, check us out at www.wearefirestarters.com. 


For more on our partners, check them out here: 

Freedom Ministries www.facebook.com/Freedom-Ministries-110196334629469 

Prodigal Ministries www.prodigalaug.org 

Cody Nichols Ministries www.corynickols.com 

New Beginnings in Christ Ministry www.nbicrecovery.org/home 


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