Why We Are


Becoming a band of brothers in the Lord, bound to each other through Christ so as to remain passionate about our faith and service to our King. Accomplishing this both by God-led time together and through adventures in the great playground He has set us in.


Aid each other in finding our true identities as image bearers of Christ. Accomplishing this by facing and then healing any past and present pains and overcoming any doubt in our hearts. Then renewing the fire for the one whom we serve– our Lord Jesus Christ.


Using our Christ-filled and Christ-centered hearts to further His kingdom by reaching out to the hurting and to those ensnared by sin.


Not so that you may have every desire of your heart but so that your every desire becomes that of God’s will for your life. This the only place true life is found…”He who lays down his life for My sake, will find it.” That is the cost, that is the offer.


“I came to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” Luke 12:49

“The Lord raises the poor up from the dust, and he lifts the needy from the ashes. He lets the poor sit with princes and receive a throne of honor.” 2 Sam 2:8

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