Heart driven


GOD IS MORE HEART THAN HE IS HEAD. What if there’s more to God than we’ve been told? What if He’s not just the Engineer, Judge, or mighty Puppeteer in the sky that you may have come to believe He is? What if He’s not much different than…us?

Now before you take that to the wrong place let me help a bit. What drives our actions more than any other thing? Our hearts…whether to good or to bad. Why? “…He has placed eternity in the hearts of all men…” (Ecc 3.11). And with that has come a tendency to be driven by it.

The only problem for many of us is that it is a “desperately wicked heart” (Jer 17.9) doing the driving. But God has another plan…make our hearts like His. It’s the only way to ever truly find life and to accomplish His will here on the Earth.

Yes, like us, God has a bank of knowledge that aids Him in everything He does. And His wisdom is so much greater than any “wisdom” of our own. But for all of it, for all of His knowledge of things that are and are to come, it is the love of His heart that drives Him. And thus He is desperate for us and will pursue us with all He has until the days of our lives come to an end.




 51eWwMG-FdL Epic
by John Eldredge

Available for Kindle
What an incredible resource to learn to truth of The Story in a way we can all understand… through stories WE love. Highly recommended.

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