FireStarters was birthed in April of 2004 in the small fishing village of Des Allemands, Louisiana. It was created with a desire to start fires in the hearts of men that the world will not so easily snuff out. It’s our desire that the fire of God living inside of all His children will burn brightly that all will be made to see. It continues to grow.



Jesus…enough said. (details here)


We work along side the church, bringing our message to young men (~18-30ish). We also desire to rise up Kingdom leaders in the Body whose hearts are as ours and believe in what we are seeking to accomplish, teaching them how to continue ministering to the young men in their churches and communities.

We also offer to “counsel” young men towards the path that God has for them, fighting beside them along the way against all enemies working against them as well as teaching them how to fight on their own. We are a ministry that seeks to work above any denominational walls to help promote the unity that Christ preached.


Men searching for an identity. We long to rise up young men to become Kingdom leaders- men of honor, strength, integrity, and purpose.

We believe the identity a man chooses is usually formed during his passage from adolescence into manhood. It is then that what he has come to believe about himself will help shape him into the man he will live from. It is our desire that he only then sees himself through the eyes of God – the One who makes us who we truly are. For too long now have so many of us have lived from a false identity- an identity of the flesh, of wounds, of works. We want to help remove the veil and let the true self emerge (put off the old man, and put on the new)- it’s a self that resembles the One whose image we bear.


To Awaken, to Arise, and to Achieve [1]

We believe these three elements are crucial to a man’s life.

All of us must awaken.
To Truth…For the lost- to the Truth of God’s eternal Kingdom and their need for redemption[2]. For the chosen- to the Truth of God’s story and their part in it. For the weary- to the Truth of His great Love and its restoration power.

All of us must arise.
From the ashes of desire and hope to find the image of God within [3]. And from the ashes a new fire would be kindled and a new man would take shape.

All of us must achieve.
Not for salvation but because of it. Because above all else we desire to give of ourselves in return for what He has done.  It why we’re still here …to do his work…to finish it.

[1] – Judges 5:12; Eph 5:14; [2] – Ecc 3:11; [3] – Exodus 15:3

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