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A time for men to come back to their hearts.
This is a 3 fold journey. Each time we meet we will focus on one of the main parts of our ministry – awaken, arise, and achieve. Once the retreat is over, the men will be equipped with a resource and issued a challenge to go home with. This event typically takes place over a 3 day period.

For those whom are interested, we will also help them to establish a FireStarters group themselves in their home area.

This retreat is currently being offered on a regular basis in the N Georgia mountains and other locations in the SE United States.  If requested, we will do everything we can to offer it in your home area as well. Please contact us for more info and/or to make this request.



…to the image of God buried deep inside us , calling to us since we were young… an image as a Man… as a Warrior (Ex 15.3).

As we take our journeys from adolescence to men, we must discover something… our true identities: without it, we are left lost, wandering aimlessly- never truly knowing our place in it all. Yet He has placed eternity in the hearts of all men(Ecc 3.11) and aware of it or not, it is that driving our heart’s search for life.

We must become true men of God, men of honor and integrity ready to take Christ up on His challenge to storm the field, help free the captives, and lead a lost and dying world to the Only Thing that can save them.



The Purpose of this ministry is found in its name… to start fires in the hearts of men

We call out to the eternity upon men’s hearts to invite them to find THEIR role in the Story.

We believe in ministering to men through shared-life experiences as well as shared-encounters with God. Accomplishing this through many different means including adventures in the great outdoors, listening through His Word and Voice, and pursuing Him together.

We have plenty of messages already prepared to be given for many topics.  And of course plenty of time should be given to allow sharing and fellowship to promote unity in a confidential setting.

We meet (and suggest you do) at least every other week in a private environment. Preferably something external to the church such as a home or restaurant.

We also believe in the old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so we definitely recommend food –and lots of it, ha.  We also encourage men to pray together in small groups at the end of each meeting in order to foster relationships as well as taking time to intercede for broken or lost men.

Our long term goal is to integrate all that has been learned and to bring the fellowship, unity, and openness that has been found back into our home churches and communities.

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