We go through life fighting off our vices left and right.  Whether it’s a substance, a escape, or just plain anger, we often turn to the ‘easy way’ to deal with the subtleties of life.  Yet what’s at it’s core? Without knowing what is TRULY driving us we get lost in the shuffle of at all…

So what’s really going on here? Aren’t we often driven somewhere deep within by … greed?  power? a rebellious recklessness?

So enter Jesus… 40 days… no food, no conversation, no Netflix… He’s at his ‘weakest’… in that moment of ‘flesh’ when he is most weary, what platter is served to tempt the tempt-less?

“Would you like something to eat?” – just go with the easy way out…

“Jump off the cliff, it doesn’t matter, God will catch you.” – live life your own way, do what you please… he’s there IF you need him.

“All this, AND MORE, can be your if the price is…” – P O W E R

Somewhere deep within our true self desires MORE.  No matter what we keep telling ourselves we can’t get past what we fear we may mostly be… what we may mostly WANT.  Yet there is another… a voice of reason… of hope.  A voice that we may rise from the ashes, overcome our vices, and stay true to what IS True…

Where are YOU come day 41??


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