Christmas can be so full of tradition and routine that we truly do miss the heart of the season. This year I’ve felt God challenging me to integrate a new tradition into our family’s Christmas. We spend the holidays with all of our family’s families in south Louisiana so we have a house full each year.

Remember, children learn by example not simply by commandments. So in lieu of that how are we demonstrating putting God first this season? Are we intentionally taking time to reflect on his love and Glory through prayer, reflection, or worship in front of the children/families? Are we finding a new way to forefront Jesus this year? I have a few ideas but I pray you do as well.

Maybe you already have a tradition to share? I plan to challenge our family to do a ‘What does Christmas mean to you?’ time this year, children AND adults. Kids love doing crafts so I’ll probably integrate that as well. Do you have any ideas?

Merry Christmas to all of you and while I know that some of you don’t have children of your own, even those without kids can be an example to their families, nieces, nephews, and friends, and do something for Good this year!!

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