From Wild at Heart (JE):

‘Your Heavenly Father will take you on that journey into the unknown. He will test you until your false self crumbles and your true heart beats freely… We are dependent on God. The true essence of our strength is passed to us from God through our union with Him… We must surrender to the One who is our life … Every man is created to be a cunning, visionary warrior with a great mission that transcends even home and family. Don’t sabotage your strength. Don’t settle for counterfeits. Don’t fall prey to the enemy’s schemes or vicious attacks. Exercise your power through Christ, put on your full armor, and together with our bank of brothers, be the dangerous man you were designed to be…. A man won’t be happy until he’s got adventure in his work, in his love, and in his spiritual life. Risk is not thing to be avoided: security won’t make your heart race with the joy of living. The world needs men who have come alive, who will pursue the dreams of their heart!”

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