What almost every church is missing. What every young adult needs.
A class designed specifically to meet the needs of young adults. A step beyond Youth but not as far as adult ministry. We typically invite young men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 to be a part of this class. Our focus is to fill the gap that has left many young adults wondering where they fit it as they search for their place in this new season of life. At this point of their journey decisions are being made that will map out the course of their lives. It is our desire to set their feet on the path of the life that they were meant to live by finding their true identities in Christ alone.

This class can be customized to meet your churches needs but our recommendation is to meet every other week as a coed group and then the other weeks apart. The coed meetings will be a time of learning and the meetings apart will be a time of sharing. We highly suggest that the separate meetings be done in a private setting to create a safe and open environment. Confidentiality and growing trust will be a huge part of the success of this class.


One of the main things we will bring to wherever God sends us is the unity that Christ preached, beyond denominational walls and religion; united in truth and in Spirit.

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