Ecclesiastes 3:11 God has set Eternity in the Heart of every Man

Hi my name is Brian Dufrene, most know or call me BJ. I would like to start off by saying, if you are looking for a great experience that will bring you closer to the arms of Christ. You can stop looking, this is what you need! As most men the question is who will be there, how long with the sessions or services last? It is more than that! At a Firestarter’s retreat you will find that personal relationship, and adventure that most men are searching for. You will leave with a desire, and a fire set deep within your soul, body, and mind. Not only will you receive all of that, but the tools to actually use this in your lives as young to adult men.
I would like to share how these retreats have done just that, and impacted my walk with Christ. Just like every other guy, I always get distracted in my walk. But when I come together with my brother’s at the retreat, it lights a fire back into my life. Building bonds with other brothers who all face different battles, and taking them head on as a band of brothers. Those bonds I have built with my brothers have helped me in my everyday life. When I am struggling, my brothers are there to pray and battle for me. With swords drawn we all fight for one another, and we want to fight for you.
Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to come and experience God’s blessings, because it is right there waiting for you at our next retreat. So if you are looking for an adventure to live, and a mountain to climb. Come check us out early this February, in the mountains of Georgia.

From the Ashes we rise!

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