To Awaken, to Arise, and to Achieve [1]

We believe these three elements are crucial to a man’s life.

All of us must awaken.
To Truth…For the lost- to the Truth of God’s eternal Kingdom and their need for redemption[2]. For the chosen- to the Truth of God’s story and their part in it. For the weary- to the Truth of His great Love and its restoration power.

All of us must arise.
From the ashes of desire and hope to find the image of God within [3]. And from the ashes a new fire would be kindled and a new man would take shape.

All of us must achieve.
Not for salvation but because of it. Because above all else we desire to give of ourselves in return for what He has done.  It why we’re still here …to do his work…to finish it.

[1] – Judges 5:12; Eph 5:14; [2] – Ecc 3:11; [3] – Exodus 15:3

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